Is anyone else tired of hearing this?

68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Show
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Rami Malek is a talented actor who is about to have the biggest film opening of his career with this weekend's Bohemian Rhapsody. Malek plays the iconic Queen front-man Freddie Mercury in the film.

You may have also heard that Rami Malek attended the University of Evansville and graduated from there in 2003. If you haven't, let me Google that for you.

We get it, Rami Malek went to UE and is now a big movie star. And there's nothing inherently wrong with a school being proud of one of their alumni who went on to do great things. And I get the idea that his success is our success and what-not. I also get news outlets tying UE to Malek's story in order to make it local. Hell, I'm not above doing it. I just think it's a little ridiculous that it takes being in a Hollywood blockbuster or winning an Emmy to suddenly be an esteemed alumni of any university.

For every Rami Malek, there are thousands of other graduates who haven't made it yet but are still creating art that they are passionate about. I think we should be just as proud of them. Even if you want to keep this just about Rami Malek, I don't recall anyone getting particularly excited or prideful about him guest starring on Gilmore girls back in 2004 or his turn in the Night at the Museum films. He's always been great, so why are we just now appreciating him?

UE is a great school and many of my friends have gone through their theatre program. The same can be said about USI. I'd just like to see a small amount of the appreciation that is suddenly being thrust onto Rami Malek be shared with those that are still grinding away at day jobs while working on their art. They could use that encouragement more than Emmy Winner Rami Malek.

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