This past Thanksgiving, things heated up in the West house. 

Thanksgiving is a holiday I look forward to every year. Sure, the food is great, but it's the hilarity that occurs when my family comes together that I anticipate the most. There's truly no such thing as a dull moment in our house, especially when you have all the West girls together.

This year, my younger sister and I hit the Mexican tequila while my mom and aunt baked. Surprisingly, it wasn't us who caught the oven on fire. The turkey had some spillage as my mom was taking it out of the oven, which resulted in a small fire. While the house erupted in total chaos, my sister and I jumped on the opportunity to record it.

My mom was less than thrilled.


Every time I hear, "I'M GLAD YOU GUYS ARE SNAPCHATTING!!!" I lose it.

This is probably the funniest video I've ever taken.



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