It's Wacky Wednesday!!   Today, Angel and I decided to give ya'll a sneak preview of the Cardboard Boat Regatta, which is coming up Saturday, June 13th at Diamond Lake Campground and Resort.�� By the way, that event is open to the public and you're invited to make your own cardboard boat and show up to set sail.  Angel and I made our own boat this week.  It looked like the lovechild of Santa's sleigh and a house boat.  We took it out to Diamond Lake this afternoon for its maiden voyage.  Here's what happened!

As you can see, the Captain (a.k.a. yours truly) was fully prepared to go down with the ship.  Gilligan (a.k.a. Angel) jumped ship before the thing ever set sail.

If you'd like more info on Saturday's Cardboard Boat Regatta at Diamond Lake, CLICK HERE!

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are some other Wacky Wednesday challenges we've attempted.  Last week, we rocked out the Chubby Bunny Challenge.

A couple of weeks ago, we attempted the "The Whipped Cream" Challenge. It went about as well.

Stay tuned each Wednesday here on WBKR, the WBKR app, and the WBKR Facebook page for Wacky Wednesday!!

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