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Firefighters fighting burning blaze
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Today is the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and we've been honoring the first-responders who keep us safe everyday. A few weeks ago, we opened up nominations for the Best Firefighter in the Tri-State (similar to our Best Police Officer contest we did earlier in the summer) and you nominated some of the best our fire departments have to offer.

Here are the nominees:

1. Captain Tony Knight - Evansville Fire Department

2. Ryan Riggs - Mt. Vernon Fire Department

3. Jim Payne - Evansville Fire Department

4. Imran Awan - Henderson Fire Department

5. Clint Hoskins - Evansville Fire Department

The winner is going to get 4 passed to Holiday World (just in time for Halloween Weekends) and catering for up to 20 from Salsarita's!

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