Usually I don't wait until the New Year to start or stop doing something, but this year I've decided to make one. My resolution for 2011 is to take more opportunities to be nice to myself...NOT LIKE THAT YOU PERVERT! I'm going to take more opportunities to treat myself to something nice just for me.

Doing what I do, I spend a lot of time giving stuff away and helping others. Which I LOVE doing! But I rarely do nice stuff for myself, and I'm going to change that starting the New Year mainly because I won't have any money to do anything until then :)! So it works out just fine.

What are your resolutions for the New Year? Well, here are some popular new years that people usually make every year (then break a month later)!

  1. Stop Drinking/Drink less
  2. Go back to school
  3. Change jobs
  4. Lose Weight/Get in shape (no one EVER keeps this one!)
  5. Be nicer to people/myself
  6. Quit Smoking (another one no one EVER keeps)
  7. Save Money
  8. See the world (this one sounds more for the BUCKET LIST)
  9. Go to Church more (I heard this one in the LIQUOR STORE!)
  10. Be more organized

If you have a New Year's Resolution for 2011, let me know.