Father's Day is coming up and the all important decision of what to get the special dad in you life can be a hard one! The WRONG decision can dictate what CHRISTMAS will be looking like, if you get my meaning!

Contrary to popular belief, not EVERY man wants the same thing for Father's Day. While some of us CAN work with tools and maybe even have a couple, that doesn't mean we're ALL DIY guys. It just means we don't want to PAY someone else to do it!

On the other hand, there are some of us that hardly EVER turn on the TV or computer and wouldn't know how to work a camcorder if our life depended on it! The TRUE DIY guy spends more time in the garage than any OTHER part of the house. So buying this kinda guy the new iPAD wouldn't do much good now would it?

So this father's day, don't phone it in. Choose your father's day gifts wisely and get the right gift for the right guy!