Hey guys, it's me Steve. I'm back again doing what I enjoy doing, celebrating holidays through the lost art of poetry.

If you want to make sure what you just heard:

Keith, Brian and Eli of the Ethridge clan.

My boy Thomas Hobdy is my number man.

My big brother Jeff, my little brother Don.

He’s the father of canines, but he’s still number one.

My father-in-law Ronnie is bad to the bone.

My nephew Devin, Jeremy Mabis and my boy Matt Drone.

My father’s in heaven he watches from above.

Every day I miss him, every day I feel his love.

Get forget the Townsquare guys Ryan )’Bryan and Bobbie G.

John Prell, The Sandman and my man Eric C.

Stephan Randall reppin fathers in the west.

Grant Lively and Hanz Hoag round out the rest.

Jason Moore is a father, coming this fall.

To all you other daddy’s, Happy Father’s Day Y’all!


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