The God of Thunder is back!

Thor Ragnarok

Out of all of the standalone Marvel movies, the Thor series has always fallen flat. They aren't bad movies, but they took themselves very serious and just weren't the fun that Marvel fans were used to. The character of Thor himself was often overshadowed by the much more interesting Loki, not something you want in a movie called Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok changes all of this. This is the most fun of the Thor series and one of the most fun Marvel movies they've ever done. Chris Hemsworth finally gets to show off his comedic chops that were often hinted at in the Avengers films (and in Ghostbusters), but never fully embraced in the Thor movies.

Most of the movie takes place on the planet of a Sakkar, a junker planet run by The Grandmaster, which is basically just Jeff Goldblume playing what I assume Jeff Goldblume is like in real life. It's on this planet that Thor meets up with Hulk, who was last seen flying into space at the end of Age of Ultron. The dynamic between Hulk and Thor is where most of the laughs come from. The movie really does have a buddy-cop road trip feel to it.

Also added to the cast is the character of Valkyrie, an Asgardian who left Asgard after Hela, the goddess of death, destroyed the rest of the Valkyries.  Hela is the big bad of this movie. She wants to destroy and conquer the rest of the 9 Realms in classic big bad fashion. However, her motivations go much deeper than just wanting to destroy everything. She's the main antagonist the Thor series was missing (I don't really count Loki as an antagonist because he's so damn likable).

The movie as a whole works because of how un-Thor like it is. However, for people who were afraid that it was just going to be Diet Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie is still Thor-centric and this is his story (similar to how Civil War was still a Captain America movie). While this isn't my favorite Marvel movie they've ever done, it's definitely in the top 5.

If you are looking for a fun time at the movies and love all things Marvel, I highly recommend checking out Thor: Ragnarok!

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