Here's what celebs are letting their kids drink! 

When I'm feeling fancy, I might get a raspberry lemonade versus a water at a restaurant. But just when I think I'm living large, celebrities are always there to remind me to stay humble.

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham is especially good at that. The reality TV/porn star is currently on vacation celebrating her 28th birthday with her daughter, Sophia. Farrah has gained a particular reputation within the last few years for being very dramatic and over-the-top. However, her birthday celebration in Dubai just took the cake - literally.

Farrah took to Instagram to share a photo of her and Sophia enjoying "tea time" at the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab. Farrah opted out of tea and went for a glass of champagne instead (cheers to that), but made sure her daughter didn't feel left out. According to Cosmopolitan, she got Princess Sophia a simple glass of apple juice...that has gold flakes in it...and costs $150.

Sophia Abraham - Instagram
Sophia Abraham - Instagram

No big deal.

Let me say it for you again. Farrah Abraham bought her daughter a $150 glass of gold-flaked apple juice.

This is crazy, right? I mean even if I had millions of dollars, I can't see myself spending $150 on a glass of apple juice for my kid. I just spent $150 on my groceries for the ENTIRE WEEK at Walmart.

What do you think about this?

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