If you haven't done so already you should make a strong effort to watch Rick and Morty. It is on adult swim and it is a great show! It is a scifi-comedy about a scientist that is the smartest man in all existence and his less intelligent, low self-esteem grandson. Usually Rick (the scientist) is drunk and drags Morty on adventures through different dimensions for his own selfish gains.

The show is well thought out; each episode has a solid story and there is an on going story within every episode. Not only that but it is also extremely funny at times and action packed. It's all good things packed into one show.

My favorite episode so far is about these aliens that want the recipe for dark matter so they trap Rick into a computer simulation. Another good episode is when the whole family asks Rick for help so he gives them this box that spawns a humanoid creature called Mr. Meseeks to help. Mr. Meseeks spawns helps with a task and then essentially dies.

There are lots of great episodes with solid plots so it's worth watching. You can watch them on kisscartoons.com and lately you can find them on a Youtube live channel. The new episodes are on Sunday nights at 10:30.

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