Evansville definitely has some issues when it comes to the design and routes of some of its streets, but one street really stands out me when it comes to dumb street designs. Most of the city is designed using a 'GRID'-like style with certain streets running North and South and other going East to West forming nice rectangular city blocks. But, some streets take very unusual routes, and even get cut off by someones property line only to reappear a few block later.

Now, some of you might think of streets like Main Street which not only travels East to West when passing the Ford Center, but also North to south passing underneath the Lloyd Expressway. But you would be wrong. You might even want to put Riverside Drive on the top of the list considering all the twists, turn, and direction changes that it makes but it's still a lot easier to follow than some.

The Dumbest road in Evansville to me has got to be Southeast BLVD! It's starts off a narrow two lane street that begins out of nowhere at the intersection of Lodge and Bayard Park, then becomes a divided 2-lane BLVD that cuts DIAGONALLY across the neighborhood and winds like a snake. It breaks up the design of the neighborhood so bad, a some of the blocks along its route have some of the weirdest shapes, and are very difficult to access.

It also comes to a dead end near Wienbach Ave for no apparent reason and then starts up again on the other side of the block, just to continue is twisted path for another couple of blocks.

What other streets in Evansville make absolute no design sense? Leave your answers in the comment box.


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