I usually like to share my experiences with video games that I play and this is another in the list that I like a lot. Killing Floor 2 has been taking up a lot of my free time lately because of its sheer awesomeness. This is to be expected from an Unreal Tournament game.

The Premise is fighting against waves of zombies nothing new but it plays like a mixture of Doom, Call of Duty Zombies, and Left 4 Dead. There are multiple different types of zombies like the Siren that screams and drains your health if you are in the area. There is also a fat zombie that spits acid which is very similar to the Boomer in Left 4 Dead.

There are three different wave forms you can do. You can do the small (4 waves), medium (7 waves), and large (10 waves). You gain money based on what you kill and how many you kill. After each wave you have about a minute to find the pod where you can buy weapons, armor, and ammo. There are many different weapons to choose from.

There are also about 12 different classes you can play as and you level each of them up and unlock perks. I have been focusing on Demolitionist and Support. You can use any gun from any class but you level up a specific class faster if you use the guns from that class. Using guns from other classes can also level up those classes even though you aren't using that specific character.

At the end of whatever wave length you chose there is a boss wave and there are two different bosses. One is just a super powered mad scientist that has two extra shields and can grab you and drain your health and shoulder guns. The other is this monstrosity mad scientist with a gatling gun for an arm and can turn invisible. He also will run away and heal himself if he gets close to death. He can only do it three times but it is extremely annoying you do get a trophy if you can kill him before he can go heal but it is hard to see him when he turns invisible.

There are minor annoyances but otherwise this is such a fun game and is my favorite multiplayer game I have played. That says a lot since I prefer single player games.

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