Evansville's Off-Broadway-style theatre is in search of a new place to perform.

Think Pink Productions
Think Pink Productions

Think Pink Productions, coming off their recent sell-out production of Evil Dead: the Musical, made an announcement today about future productions.

Good morning, lovers of weird and wonderful theatre!

As promised, Think PINK Productions has an announcement, but it is NOT a season announcement. We know that this is prime time for companies to spread the word about their upcoming shows, and this post is NOT that!

So, here goes: our next production, "Stupid F##king Bird," will be our last production at what has been our theatre home for the last two years, Studio 321. We are making the move from the space you've all grown to know and moving out into the community for our next season.

What does that mean?

Well, there are places we know of where we could perform our shows, places with which we're already familiar. But that's not what we're interested in right now.

What we're looking for at this time is YOU. You, the people who have come to our shows and supported our mission and productions. We want to find local businesses and people that aren't traditional theatre homes to perform in next season. We want to COME TO YOU to do our shows, which supports our mission of producing innovative work with an ever-changing location. We have some shows selected for next season, but we want to partner with local businesses and individuals to see if we can produce shows that support your mission.

Think PINK Productions believes in artistic integrity, professional-caliber productions, theatre that serves a purpose, and are wholly opposed to censorship of shows that contain adult language and material that serve the purpose of the production. We believe that while productions are designed to entertain, they should also challenge the audience, leave them in shock and awe, and confront them with harsh realities. That's the kind of theatre we do. That's the kind of theatre we want to bring to you. And its the kind of theatre that our audience needs and deserves.

So Evansville, the ball is in your court. Are you ready to partner with a theatre company committed to producing new, under-produced and challenging works in your community? Do you want to utilize performing arts to support the mission of your organization? We want to hear from you! If this sounds like something you or your business wants to be a part of, you can contact Artistic Director Kensington Blaylock Eck at 812-456-8719, or email us at thinkpinkevv@gmail.com.

And friends, help us out- share this post, and share it with people who you think would be interested in getting PINK with us next season!

With deepest affection - The Think PINK Team

There you have it, if you are a business that has been thinking of partnering to do something cool or different, you now that opportunity to do just that. Regardless of what happens, you can count on Think Pink to keep bringing you the shows that interest you the most.

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