Ah, the not-so-blissful last month of pregnancy. 

I know I'm only speaking for myself here, but pregnancy wasn't at all what I expected. I was anticipating morning sickness and all that fun stuff, but that just wasn't the case for me. Like I've said all along, my pregnancy has been pretty mild.

Sure, I go through a bottle of Tums a week, but it's no biggie.

Fast-forward to the last month-ish. That's when the REAL fun set in. It's almost like everything I had avoided is catching up with me now. For example:

The back pain. Holy freakin' moly. It's EXCRUCIATING. I'm not even being a little bit dramatic. It will straight-up take your breath away.

Inability to breathe. I mean who needs to breathe, right? There is so much baby in such a tiny space. It feels like someone is sitting on your chest sometimes...making even the smallest tasks and chores exhausting.

The heartburn. Sure, most women have this toward the beginning of their pregnancy, but I've been lucky enough to have it the ENTIRE TIME. It doesn't matter what I eat. It's always there.

Leg cramps. I wasn't expecting this, nor had anyone warned me. I'd consider it the least talked-about pregnancy symptom. So, those of you that are expecting or plan to become pregnant...HERE IS YOUR WARNING. Just imagine the worst charlie horse of your life...TIMES TEN. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Sleeping isn't going to happen. I blame the back pain, but it's a combination of things. You can't sleep in the position you'd prefer because you have a basketball strapped to you. And if the baby is uncomfortable, he will make sure you're well aware and adjust accordingly.

Shaving. HA! Shaving? I mean, you can try. Really it's just a feel-and-guess game and hope for the best.

Nesting is real. Nothing is clean enough. Nothing is "ready" enough. You'll pack, organize, unpack, re-pack, clean, scrub, wash, etc... and it STILL won't be good enough. It's a constant cycle of defeat.

Contractions. They call them "Braxton Hicks", which are referred to as "fake" contractions, but they feel anything but fake. It's like a bad poop pain that lingers. The good thing is, they're only supposed to get more intense and much, much stronger, so hang in there!

Now, it might seem like all of this stuff is negative, but it still doesn't scare me or wish my pregnancy away. As my days of being pregnant dwindle down, I sit and think about how much I'm going to miss this.

Yes, I'll actually miss all of this, as crazy as that sounds.

Because when you think about it, pregnancy is so astoundingly beautiful. What I've done - grown a literal human - is mesmerizing. It's also the last time I will have my little boy all to myself. Once he's here, I have to share him with the world.

My mind is still processing the fact that I'm going to be a MOM soon. Like, really soon. I knew all along that my baby would eventually come out, but I didn't think it would happen so quickly. Nine months flew by and I can only hope time slows down once he's brought into this world.

So, with that being said, enjoy it. Every moment of it. Yes, even the leg cramps.



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