You might be from the Tri-State if these things get under your skin...

Evansville is a wonderful city, don't get me wrong. However, living around here can be rough sometimes. Here are a few examples:

  1. "Evansville is basically Kentucky, right?"
    No, it's Indiana. Yes, it's close to Kentucky...but it's two different states. We love Kentucky, but we aren't Kentucky. And vice versa. Give us independence.
  2. When Schnucks runs out of Grippos.
    The ultimate betrayal, especially for a Westsider.
  3. When the line at Donut Bank is wrapped around the building.
  4. Turning left onto Burkhardt from the Lloyd Expressway.
    The light lasts for 5 seconds and the line is always super long. You will sit through 32 light changes before you get on Burkhardt.
  5. Speaking of the Lloyd...expect long delays near Vann Ave.
    It will never not be backed up. Ever.
  6. Going anywhere near the West Side during the Fall Festival.
    I'm usually right there up in that mess, but if you're just passing through, probably don't.
  7. Riverside being closed every other weekend.
    What's going on? Is the Ohio River EVER going to go down?
  8. Parking around Haynie’s Corner. 
    You're better off parking at home and walking to Dapper Pig on a given weekend.
  9. Snow days with no snow.
    What about the children? What kind of fun is that supposed to be?
  10. Downtown being a constant construction zone.
    It’s already confusing because everything is a one-way…now we’ve added years of construction to the mix.
    Is it really necessary to have stoplights every few miles….on an expressway?
  12. When you have to merge onto the Lloyd from Green River.
    Why do two lanes turn into one? We're so confused.
  13. When Evansville Watch temporarily disappears from Twitter.
  14. When Azzip asks if you want a big zip or a little zip.
    We both know the answer to that. Load ‘er up.
  15. When you travel to a city that doesn’t have Yuengling.
    Just disrespectful.
  16. Twin bridge work.
    Does it ever end? Will I ever be able to commute from Evansville to Henderson with ease?
  17. Vectren randomly deciding to up their prices.
    Come on, man. I just want to be warm.
  18. Sneaky cops hiding on University Parkway.
    I know you're there...but it’s a close call every time.
  19. The potholes.
    I mean, they're everywhere. Literally. Flat tires for everyone.
  20. When the line to the Big Dipper is way out on Parrish Avenue.
    Here we go again. Can't we just eat in a timely fashion?

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