In my ripe 24 years of life, I've made some pretty bad decisions. For example, fruit punch vodka, that one guy in high get my point. 

But, today I made yet another HUGE mistake. In case you didn't know, The Rob and I spent the morning having a total blast at Bennett Motors off Diamond Ave as part of the Cops Connecting with Kids fundraiser. First, I'll give you a little background on what that is. It's a fundraiser put on every year by Bennett Motors and the Evansville Police Department to raise money to take kids to Disney World. Not just any kids though - kids who deserve it. Kids who are trying hard in school, staying out of trouble, and kids who otherwise might not have the means to get to go to the most "magical place on earth."

So, as part of this fundraiser, we got in on the fun and did our broadcast from the parking lot. We had a blast! However, things took a turn for the worst when my mom showed up. Anyone that knows Mama Shelley knows that she is the first one to step up when someone needs help. She's always donating to good causes and I knew I could depend on her to help these kids get to Disney. Sure enough, she showed up and wrote a check! Go mom.


This whole shabang is put on by EPD and Bennett Motors...and the most ironic thing of all of this is that when my mom was on her way to donate, she literally got pulled over by an EPD officer and got a speeding ticket. I s**t you not.

Anyway, so if you donate $100 or more, you have the opportunity to go up in the Corvette that sits high in the sky. I was all about it. I was ready - or so I thought. My mom is terrified of heights, but even she said she'd do it. I can't let my mom do something that I can't do...that hurts my character. So, up we went into the Corvette (my first time in a Corvette...ever) and I was PETRIFIED to say the very least. I filmed the whole thing with very shaky hands, so the video quality isn't perfection, but it's raw and real.

I'm putting "going up into the Bennett Motor Corvette" on my list of things to never, ever do again. Besides that, the event was so much fun and it's inspiring to see so many people chipping in and helping out. You can make donations all weekend long at Bennett Motors off Diamond Ave! Until then, you can watch the hysterical video on our Facebook page -

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