This is a lot of fun...  Cnet conducted some research via Google to determine each state's most difficult to word to spell (available HERE)!  They looked at google searches in the form of questions asked starting with the phrase "How to spell..."  Some of the answers were very interesting...  But what words were people in the TRI-STATE having a hard time spelling?


Indiana and Illinois actually fell in line with the most commonly asked word.  Honestly, I feel like I used to have a really tough time with this one, also.  However, sometime in college I committed it to memory.  For us Hoosiers, we need help spelling "BEAUTIFUL."  It has to be that hodgepodge of vowels in the beginning that throw people off.  Three different vowels in a row is kind of a lot, to be fair.  I used to forget one of them every time I spelled it.


After that, according to the research, our friends in Kentucky are having a hard time spelling "DEFINITELY."  While this is no longer one of my trouble words either, I can understand the problem.  It's a commonly-used word, and it sounds like an "I" or an "E" can be used in place of any vowel.


If you're curious, other commonly misspelled words included "RÈSUMÈ," "SINCERELY," "CANCELED," and "SCHEDULE."  Many states were also googling "How to spell 'SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS,'" but I don't count that one because it's not a real word.

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