These are the worst, as voted by you!

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There are many streets in our fair city of Evansville that we try to avoid due to either them being slow or for being a nightmare to navigate (see downtown for the past year and a half). You might also avoid certain areas because of their terrible intersection. Here are the Top 5 WORST intersections, as voted by you!

5. Green River and Vogel

I used to live right by this intersection and can attest to how absolutely awful it is. The turn arrow barely exists. Once you miss that, and you will miss it, you just have to put yourself in the hand of a higher power and hope you don't destroyed crossing two lanes of traffic.


4. Hwy 41 and Walnut

This is a fun one, especially now that you exit no longer has a light on the Lloyd. You just have to hope you don't smash into the back of someone already stopped at the Walnut light and you have to hope someone lets you actually get over so you aren't forced to turn right and do the whole ordeal over again.

3. Lloyd and Vann

This is an intersection where you're gonna wanna make sure you have plenty of gas. Turning left onto the Lloyd from Vann is going to take at least 4 hours. Or it's gonna feel like it. The left turn arrow allows about half of a car through every 9 minutes, so you'll have plenty of time to catch up on any Facebooking you need to do.


2.Green River Road and Morgan Ave

This intersection is a chore just to get to, with lights every 12 feet on N Green River Rd, this could become its own day trip. Once you finally get to this intersection, you'll be begging to go in any direction. If that direction happens to be left towards the movie theater, you'll want to have backup movies to see because you're probably already 3 hours late for your showing.

1. Lloyd and Burkhardt

Ahh, yes, Lloyd and Burkhardt has the honor of being the absolutely worst intersection in Evansville. No matter what direction you are heading you are met with short turn lights, inept drivers, and tons of businesses you actually need to get to. Some say Hell is just this intersection with a light that never changes and you really have to pee. And that is the Hell that is waiting for me, I'm turning my life around now.