Do you ever think, why didn't someone teach me this? Yeah, me too. 

We go through 12 years of primary school (estimated) and yet we still seem to not learn real life issues/situations. I remember distinctly a teacher (who I will keep under-wraps) that pushed me so hard to learn how to use "Pi=3.14" yet I never use it. Granted it's not a field I ended up going into but let's be real. When do you need to know that in life? The same goes with rocks. Why on earth do I need to know about rocks? My husband who has a degree in geology differs with me, obviously, but still. I think he taught me more about rocks on our honeymoon on the east coast than I learned in grade school.

If you think about it, when did you learn about taxes? I don't remember learning about them and yet it's part of being an adult. In fact, it's the law to have your taxes done. What about insurance/cars/loans for them etc? We sure didn't learn about that! Then there's the big one, CREDIT CARDS! No wonder so many "millennial's" and even gen x who are in massive amounts of debt. We never learned how to be smart with them! We didn't even learn about the different types.

I figured I would put together a little food for thought for you. Here are "Ten Things we Wish We'd Learned In School."

1.  Money management and budgeting.
2.  How to do your taxes.
3.  How to manage your emotional wellbeing and mental health.
4.  Understanding credit cards and student loans.
5.  How to negotiate.
6.  Time management.
7.  How to fix stuff around the house.
8.  Relationship and conversational skills.
9.  Car repair and car maintenance.
10.  How to find a job.

If you are struggling in these areas, there are resources to help! In today's society, life coaches are everywhere and worth the money.


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