Summer brings happier moments in life.  The sun being out helps get people up and going outside more and it just seems that life is alive rather than running inside because you're going to die of hypothermia.  But, with summer comes other issues.

Here's a list of summer woes


2.  Pollen.  It's everywhere.  I wish that a company would create a pollen fan like the OFF! Bug Fan to put a little bubble around me that would keep pollen five feet away from me.  (MILLION DOLLAR IDEA)

3.  The struggle between wanting to be tan or contract cancer.  Anytime I go outside I love the feeling of bringing some color to my skin, but every time I get inside and notice a new mole or freckle I'm positive that's going to be the one to kill me.

4.  Best time to take a vacation because it's enjoyable to be outside....but everyone else is doing it too.

5.  One thing that is NOT annoying.  AMERICAN FLAGS EVERYWHERE!! #USA

6.  Swimming is the best way to kill time, but also the best way to get crazy itchy skin. Such Chlorine.

7.  Taking the dog on the walk isn't a chore anymore since you also want to be outside

8.  Sometimes the beach body just doesn't want to cooperate

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