Meal-Prep Your Way Into 2021
The New Year always comes packed with resolutions and goals about cutting back on eating out, fitness, eating healthier, etc. All of it can seem very overwhelming, but I'm here with a list of seven products that will make meal-planning and eating at home more often a breeze!

The Best Halloween Movies About Halloween!
Halloween is on Saturday and you’re probably trying to get into the spirit. Perhaps you have a Halloween party planned and need some help deciding what activities to do once all of the bobbing for apples and other debauchery is winding down...
Fall Is Here
The cooler weather means the leaves are going to start turning soon, and that means fall is here! Here are 5 things I'm excited about this fall!
The BBC Names the 100 Greatest American Films of All Time
What is the greatest American film of all time? According to, who just released a brand new ranking of more than a century of great U.S. cinema, the old favorites are still the best; perennial pick for best film ever, Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane, came in first in a poll of “62 i…
14 Ways You Can Relate to Having Two Jobs
Working two jobs is rough, many people have to do it and even some work three or four!  I've just recently had to take on two different jobs because finances and life are ruining my life, basically. If you have to deal with the life of working two jobs you can relate to this list!
Monica’s 10 Disney “Don’ts” List
I spent a wonderful week in the most magical place on Earth last week, Disney World.  There were many things and clothes that struck me as odd and quite frankly made it seem like the person I was observing seemed miserable.
Here's a list of "Don'ts" if you plan on vis…
The Struggles of Summer are #Real
Summer brings happier moments in life.  The sun being out helps get people up and going outside more and it just seems that life is alive rather than running inside because you're going to die of hypothermia.  But, with summer comes other issues.
The Countdown to Vacation
Going on vacation is basically one of the best things to ever happen during a lifetime.  No responsibilities, wake up when you plan to wake up, do what you want when you want, enjoy all the views, and eat all the delicious food.

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