Several teams across the NFL have unveiled changes to their uniforms over the past couple of weeks, giving fans something to look forward to during the coronavirus pandemic, and maybe even a little hope that come September, life will be somewhat back to normal and we'll have football to watch on Sundays. The Indianapolis Colts joined that club on Monday by showing off the changes we fans will see once the upcoming season kicks off.

No sports on TV has been one of the things that has bummed me out the most about the pandemic. I understand in the grand scheme of things sports don't really matter when we dealing with life and death situations, but they do help provide an escape from the riggers of life. Sitting on the couch, focusing on the competition of whatever sport it is helps heal in a way. You tend to forget your problems for two to three hours (again, depending on the sport), and you just focus on the competition unfolding in front of you. That's how I feel anyway. So while we're still a few months away from meaningful games playing out in front of our eyes, let's take a look at what we'll see when they take the field courtesy of the team's Facebook page.

Pretty sweet right? Now let's strip away all the music and cool video edits, and get down into the meat and potatoes of each change.

Breaking Down the 2020 Indianapolis Colts Uniform Changes

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