The Tri-State got its first significant amount of snow in several years this week, leaving the entire area blanketed in several inches of snow. While it has made getting to and from work difficult, especially on side roads and in the more rural areas of the Tri-State where the only plowing of snow happens if a farmer uses their tractor, or someone in the neighborhood happens to have a plow for the front of their truck, it hasn't stopped many of us from getting out and enjoying the fun times and beauty it brings.

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I'm not going to lie. Even at the age of 44, I still love grabbing a sled and finding a good hill to sled down (although the walk back up to the top is a little more difficult than it used to be, Lol). I haven't had the chance to do that with this round of snow, but by the looks of it, you did. We asked you to share pictures of your snow days on our Facebook page, and what you gave us was all the perks that come with a good snowfall. Snow angels, sledding, and just capturing the beauty of the untouched snow on your property from inside your nice, warm home.

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With temperatures forecasted to go past freezing this weekend, and near 50 early next week, the snow won't be around much longer, so enjoy it while it lasts. Who knows, it may be several years again before we see this much.

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