Moving is the worst, whether it's across town or on the other side of the country. Here are the eleven struggles of moving.

1.  Boxes.  I need boxes.

2.  Why do all the grocery stores hoard the boxes??? I said I'm moving and you come back with THREE banana boxes.  #thanks

3.  Suddenly everyone wants to see you before you go, but you have  ALL the stuff you gotta do now.  Time management becomes difficult

4.  But when it's moving day it's like you never had friends.  Halp.

5.  If you have skittish pets, they don't come out of the bedroom due to all the boxes and clutter, which makes you feel awful since they seem depressed.

6.  Before you move you think that you don't own very much stuff, but then 3 days in, you're contemplating throwing it all away and starting new just for the sake of not having to pick up one more stupid box.

7.  Setting up new electric and cable/internet.  I'd rather get 5 cavities filled.

8.  You packed away all the silverware and plates like a fool, now you have to go buy disposable kitchenware.

9.  Why hasn't someone created a lighter washer and dryer??? And why do I keep having to move them up and down stairs???

10.  Bruises.  Bruises everywhere

11.  But seriously.  Why can't I get some boxes?

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