It was very rainy today, which either means you'll be spending the day napping, or irritated because your plans were ruined.  Here's a list to some ideas on what to do if the rain is really cramping your style.

1.  Paint, draw, sew....just be crafty

2.  If it's not a torrential downpour, go visit a theme park or water park.  These days make the crowds go away.  So NO waiting in lines!

3.  Have a paint war fight, you'll look like you belong in a Lady Gaga video, but it will be an easier clean up outside.

4.  Restaurants usually tend to slow down on rainy days as well, this is the best time to take advantage of a restaurant that may be a chiller environment that night.

5.  There are plenty of indoor activities to take the kids on as well, CMOE, Sky Zone, The Evansville Museum and Planetarium, indoor rock climbing, The Inflatable Fun Factory, just to name a few.

6.  Bake your favorite recipe or the one you've eyeballing on Pinterest.

7.  Game night (board games are the best)

8.  I don't write, but rainy weather seems like the perfect time to get some thoughts together

9.  .....You could clean (barf)

10.  Try and teach your dog some new tricks

11. Make your own sad music video looking out on the pouring rain like me!

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