Last week, I began telling you about my trip to New York City's Nintendo World...  A heaven-like place for hardcore Nintendo fans like myself (click here to read part one).  I grew up with the little red plumber at every stage of my life, in fact just this weekend I was golfing with him on an imaginary golf course high above the clouds.  That's right, I was part of a Mario Golf foursome with Mario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong.  (I hit 8 under par, and won 2 out of three rounds.)

The store portion of Nintendo World is a treasure trove of Nintendo paraphernalia, many of which you literally cannot find anywhere else.  There were video games, toys/dolls, clothing/apparel, school supplies, posters, ANYTHING you could think of with a Nintendo logo on it was in the store, and available for a very reasonable price.  I walked out with my Mario Golf 3DS game, a plush Paratroopa doll (part of the display featured in the attached image), a notebook, folder, a deck of Mario playing cards and only spent about $60.00!


In my previous blog, I showed you the video I took of the Nintendo Museum's console display.  This video here is the other portion of the Museum, focusing on Nintendo's many handheld video game systems.


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