Mario has been bouncing, flying, and fireballing his way through Nintendo games for 30 years now. He’s even gotten a movie before, 1993’s Super Mario Bros. But 2023’s The Super Mario Bros. Movie is the first animated big-screen adventure based on the Mario franchise, and it draws on its long history in telling the story of a pair of Italian plumbers from Brooklyn who get sucked down a pipe into the Mushroom Kingdom, where they have to help a Princess and defeat the evil Bowser.

Whether you’ve played every Mario game or it’s been years since you touched a Nintendo controller, we’re here to help you get ready for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Our recap video will cover all 40 years of Mario history in just under 10 minutes. After it’s over, you’ll be a Mario expert — a veritable phD in Mario Studies. (Did they ever make that game? PhD Mario? They definitely made Doctor Mario, I know that...) Watch our recap video below:

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