As you may have noticed, all last week I was on vacation.  We did a WHOLE lot inside of just a few days on our trip to the east coast.  One highlight for me occurred on Wednesday.  My girlfriend and I visited New York City.  I used to live and work in NYC, but hadn't been back in a few years.  My girlfriend had actually never been to New York, so I was excited to show it to her.


We did some of the tourist-y stuff like Times Square, and also spent sometime shopping in some of Manhattan's unique shops.  The ONLY spot I wanted to make SURE we hit was a place I had heard a lot about.  A place that I always assumed was what Heaven looks like.  A place DEVOTED to video games and characters from my childhood...  A place called NINTENDO WORLD!!!


I'll explain a bit more about the shopping aspect of Nintendo World in Part 2, because today I'm going to focus on the Nintendo Museum...  That's right, THE NINTENDO MUSEUM.  Nintendo has set up displays of all of their major console releases (of which I'm proud to say I own every one of INCLUDING Virtual Boy) in display cases along with some of that console's stand-out games.  You can check out part one of Nintendo World's Nintendo Museum here!

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