We love Snapchat. Matter of fact, we use it every day. BUT, we aren't THESE kinds of Snapchatters.  

There are some things we see on Snapchat that absolutely drive us insane. So, we've created a list of things that really bother us and decided to share them with you...so maybe somebody will take the hint.

1. Stop snapchatting entire songs. I really don't care to stare at your radio for 3 straight minutes while some muffled version of a song plays. I mean, honestly, do you think people are watching that entirely? Probably not.

If you found a song you'd like to share with your friends on Snapchat, maybe post a snippet or a still shot of the song with the title and say, "THIS SH** BANG, GO DOWNLOAD IT." Then you're saving all of us about 52 clicks to get through your story.

2. Don't try to serenade me in your story. I don't care how well you know the words to a song, you just look super douchey when you lip sync and post it to your story. Don't get me wrong, I send my friends snaps of me signing and being stupid all the time...but posting it to your story is different.

3. Only on rare occasions should you go over the 10-second video limit. 10 seconds is plenty, trust me. Unless there's puppies or kittens, or your story is really, really funny, no one cares what's going on in your life for more than 10 seconds at a time. Was that a little harsh? Probably.

4. It's not your diary. If I see one more black picture with the caption, "OMG ROUGHEST DAY EVER, JUST WANT TO CRY AND GO TO BED," I'm gonna scream. Either tell us what's wrong or don't waste our time. It's frustrating. Stop with the pity party.

5. Don't post your party to your story. If you have to reach out to people on your story to get people to show up to your party, then that's your own problem. I don't know a time I've ever seen a snap or a tweet or a Facebook status about a party and thought, "golly gee, I better get my dancin' boots on and go to that!" Just text your friends. I feel like it'd prompt a better turn out than posting "party at 789 Drunk Street tonight, HMU, gonna be LIT," but maybe I'm wrong?

6. Stop using Snapchat filters in your profile pictures. I mean, we've got enough filters to use on each app, so we don't need to bring Snapchat to the other social medias. Plus, they literally alter your appearance so much, it hardly even looks like you. True friends will love you and think you're beautiful even without bunny ears.

7. Pick a format and stick to it. I'm tired of turning my phone one way, then the other, then back to the other way, just to keep up with your story. Why are you filming from so many different angles? Just calm down.

8. Stop sending me the same stuff you put on your story. Why do I need to watch it twice? Either send it to me or put it on your story. I'm going to see it either way.


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