Firehouse Subs is the best place to get a sub in Evansville. It's not up for discussion. 

While The Rob and I tend to be on different sides of arguments more often than not, there is one thing we completely agree on - Firehouse Subs is one of the best restaurants around.


We stopped by and grabbed lunch yesterday because...why not?

The staff at Firehouse is ALWAYS friendly and they don't skimp on their subs either.


We also hooked patrons and the staff with some KISS106 swag while we were there. The Rob had his usual Italian sub - which he refers to as his "always" sandwhich. I went for the Club on a Sub, which is my "always". I couldn't even finish my sub in one sitting, but that means I have lunch for today (HOLLA!).

Oh, and little did I know, Firehouse has salads too! If you haven't given them a shot yet, it's both a Rob-AND-Maddie-approved place to dine. They're on Green River Rd across from Olive Garden. Tell them KISS106 sent you!

Where do you want to see us turn up next?



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