If you're like me, when the cold weather rolls around, it's time for a hot drink! 

I don't care if it's hot chocolate, coffee, or warm apple cider - something about a chill in the air gets my taste buds watering for a winter drink.

Now, again, if you're anything like me...the more liquor in said drinks, the better. I've heard of hot toddys before, but never had the pleasure of trying one until last winter. Whew! I had been missing out.

I'm a whiskey gal, so it didn't make sense why I had never tried this before. I was actually feeling a little under the weather at the time a hot toddy was presented to me. So, it's safe to say it works as a good warm-me-up drink after snowboarding, or a nice soothing drink when you're feeling sick.

Without hesitation, I have pieced together the perfect ingredients for a spectacular hot toddy.

You'll need:

Your choice of whiskey (Jim Beam Honey is delicious, but Crown Apple is also yummy)
Cinnamon sticks
Apple cider (Note: if you're looking for a mix-in, use apple cider. This makes the drink a little less strong and easier to drink, if you aren't into straight whiskey.)
A large mug

The strength of the drink is all up to you. If you're feeling ballsy, do half a cup of whiskey and some honey. If you'd rather not drink it straight, do half and half with some cider.

Now, here's where you can play with it. You can warm up the whiskey and honey (and apple cider, if that's how you're making it) in the microwave, or the stove top. I'd do stove top, and mix in the cinnamon sticks along the way. Allowing it to warm on the stove gives the drink all it's deliciousness. Stirring in the cinnamon sticks along the way is also a nice touch.

Pour the mixture into your mug and add in some fresh cut lemon slices. Wall-a! You're done. Like I said, this is a great drink to sip on after a cold day shoveling snow or snowboarding, but also works wonders when you've got the annual winter cold. Let me know what you think!

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