Relive one of the craziest court cases with the FX original!

The People VS OJ Simpsons (FX, 10 Episodes)

American Crime Story OJ Simpson Trailer Full

I was pretty young when the OJ Simpsons case was happening but even I couldn't escape the coverage. I actually remember one of the first jokes I ever came up with on my own was making fun of Kato Kailin. I also remember watching basketball with my dad and wondering why they cut to a police chase of a white Bronco.

Over 20 years later, I can finally appreciate the deep cultural impact this case had on everything. From how the news covers trials to just how deep race-relations played into the case, this miniseries really covers all the bases. Even though I knew how the case ultimately ended, it was still fascinating to go through the process.

It was also super frustrating to see just how many times the prosecution dropped the ball on everything from having OJ put on the glove to letting Mark Fuhrman anywhere near the witness stand. The acting on the show is fantastic (and why it won so many awards). You get really invested in everyone involved.

If you want to spend the weekend reliving a pivotal piece of American history, American Crime Story: The People VS OJ Simpsons is a great way to do it!

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