Sparkling cocktails are a thing for summer 2K19. The fresh, sweet taste of a sparkling cocktail makes those long summer days worth celebrating. 

In college I remember all my girlfriends and I going to a bar or having lunch but not wanting to "over do" our calorie intake so we would order vodka soda and lime juice. It was our thing. It was our version of a light but refreshing cocktail. Fast forward six years, we are still ordering those but now we found our new love, Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails. 

Cape Line Sparkling Cocktails have a few flavors such as Hard Strawberry Lemonade, Margarita, and Blackberry Mojito. While they taste amazing, they only have 120 calories! This was our college DREAM. The slim cans make us feel like we are drinking beers with the guys but also a little more feminine.

Now that Memorial day is here, we have stocked up. It's the perfect beverage for boating, by the pool, and just after working out in the yard! Trust me when I say they are very much approved by my friends.

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