It's time we put an end to these annoying insects. 

If you have been outside at all this summer, you have encountered a swarm of buffalo gnats. These things have been driving me insane and I am tired of them. As Memorial Day weekend is upon us, I am not about to let these things but a damper on my fun.

If you are like me, you are thinking "how in the world do I get rid of these?" Well, I am here to tell you the main thing to do, is stay inside. Yes, don't go outdoors. Just kidding, sort of. Follow these steps below to avoid/get rid of those pesky Buffalo Gnats!

1. Buffalo gnats feed during day light hours only. Therefore, stay inside (or go to work like the rest of us).

2. Avoid exposing skin to the buffalo gnats. Wear light colored clothing to deter the buffalo gnats. You can wear a hat, long sleeves, boots, and other covering material to protect the skin. Also, consider treating clothing with a permethrin based pesticide.

3. Apply a pesticide repellent that contains DEET to the skin (following the instructions on the label). Reapply every two to three hours.

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*If you have livestock*

4. Put chickens in a fly proof, dark poultry house during the daylight when the buffalo gnats swarm. Use hanging fans to help cool and circulate the air.

5. Apply permethrin-based fly control products to your livestock and poultry to protect them from buffalo gnats (of course, following the instructions on the label).

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