Alexis at Woods and Woods nominated her work place to get some sweet treats in honor of Maddie's birthday - and she won! 

The one and only Maddie West turned 26 on May 23rd, and while the birthday celebrations are much calmer now compared to years ago, she still wanted to celebrate! So, we hit up our friends at Piece of Cake and snagged some of their delicious cupcakes. While we were up for the challenge, there was no way we could eat THIRTY cupcakes, so we reached out to our Facebook friends and asked, "Where do you work? We have some cupcakes we need to get rid of."

Everyone knows how good Piece of Cake is, so it's no surprise that dozens and dozens of people commented. While we wished we could drop of some goodness to every location, we had to randomly select one winner - and that happened to be Woods and Woods!

Alexis works at the firm, and said she just decided to shoot her shot in our Facebook comments. It surely paid off!


Thank you, Alexis, for nominating your work place! We hope you enjoyed your cupcakes from Piece of Cake!


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