Who doesn't love cold beer and a little nostalgia?  That's exactly what they serve up at downtown Evansville's High Score Saloon! You can enjoy all your favorite classic arcade games and pinballs while drinking a cold beer at the same time. It's truly the perfect evening out.  High Score Saloon is also passionate about giving back to the community, each month they host a giveback event, and this month they're supporting Vanderburgh Humane Society.

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Here's how it works:

On September 24th from 5PM to 1AM you can stop by High Score Saloon and enjoy some nostalgic fun.  They'll have a cover that's $3 but the cover goes directly to Vanderburgh Humane Society. So it's pretty easy to help out! But hey if you aren't able to make it on September 24th, High Score Saloon wants to remind you that you can also help the Vanderburgh Humane Society by making a donation, or by adopting a pet from them.  They are currently overflowing with cats, and if you've been considering adding a furry friend to your family, now is definitely the time to do that!

Here's what High Score Saloon says about the giveback:

You’d never think cats would like pinball but to our surprise: they dig it. Our friends at Vanderburgh Humane Society stopped by for a little photoshoot and to promote our charity event this month! We’ll be raising money for them with a $3 cover and all proceeds go directly to them. Can’t make it? Please consider bringing a new friend home. They are overloaded with sweet, loving, wonderful animals waiting to have a home. Come see us September 24th 5p-1a to help support the cause.

I love events like this because they support two of my favorite things, local businesses, and animal shelters.  I'm very thankful for the work that our local shelters and rescues do in our community. Both of my dogs came from local rescues, so the work they do in our community is absolutely priceless.

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