I love camels.  But I understand that not everyone else does.  LOL!  This video proves it.  My friend Brian Beck stumbled across the video on Facebook and it is a scream.  It's the hilarious camel video you didn't know you absolutely have to see.

Clearly, there's a fine line between comedy and horror. I personally think this is a riot. I showed it to Angel this morning and the first thing she said was, "That's totally something you would do to me." She's not wrong. LOL!

Here are some fun facts about camels.  They can completely shut their nostrils during a sandstorm.  They can go a long time without drinking water, but when they finally do they can drink 40 gallons of water at once.  And, perhaps my favorite camel trait, they spit when they're mad.  But, the basic rule is this.  If you're nice to camels, they'll be nice to you.

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