Who's going to be the overall winner? 

In case you missed it, I made people around the city cringe with my "You Can Only Keep Three" local restaurant brain-buster quiz. Turns out, Evansville has so many good restaurants that people can't only choose three. Basically, I was cussed to the Gods for doing such an injustice to our community for making them choose between their beloved favorites. So, I said, "why stop there?" Cruel, I know.

Now, I'm asking you choose just one. Go ahead, cuss me out, I can't hear you anyway. I've taken my original list and added a few new spots that were recommended to make it even harder on you, if that's even possible.

You think you had trouble choosing THREE local restaurants...now try just ONE.

Who's going to take the overall top spot as the most beloved restaurant in Evansville? Only time will tell...

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