It's about that time.  My five year high school reunion is this month and I've been back and forth as to whether I'm going or not, if you've felt this way about anytime type of reunion use this checklist to make your mind up.

1.  Do you talk to anyone from high school anymore?    Me- Not really

2.  Do you still live in your high school town?   Me - No

3.  Have you lost weight and you look awesome?  Me - yes

4.  Have you not lost weight but you're still awesome?   Me - I'm always awesome

5.  Are you prepared to see the girl who never did anything bad in school, but did a 180 and now she's crazy???  Me - Not necessarily

6.  Are you not a selfish person and actually would like to hear about other people's successful stories?  Me- Not really

7.  Are you interested in free food and free drinks??  Me - I can get down with it

8.  Does your significant other want to go?  Me - No he does not, but he would come anyway

9.  Are you ready to lock eyes with your ex-best friend?  Then act like nothing happened?  Me - No thanks

10.  Do you have your life together and ready to talk about it?  Me - I'd like to think so

If you answered more than half of these with "no"  Don't even think about it, you'll be miserable.  If not, have at it!! Have a great reunion!!!

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