Every now and then a horror movie comes out that peaks my interest. I was into the Conjuring when I heard about it. VVitch was the next one that seemed interesting to me and the latest one that I was curious about was the Bye Bye Man. I wanted to see it in theaters but I never got to. So finally I rented it and watched and it was great.

The premise of the Bye Bye Man is that whoever says his name brings him into their life. He starts making them hallucinate and see horrible things. It starts to effect the ones around them as well and it is hard to stop.

Naturally this movie got really intense which is what I look for in a well really any movie that involves death. One thing that was kind of different about this movie was a lack of gore. There wasn't a whole lot. Like it shows a man use a shot gun on several people and there was no bleeding at all.

There are a few trippy camera shots in this movie and some parts that were a little silly but over all it was a good movie. They did set it up to have a sequel and I think this could be like Nightmare on Elm Street where they make several movies with this concept. Most of the time I don't like the idea of horror movies having sequels cough cough Insidious cough cough but Bye Bye Man would be interesting as a series. If you haven't seen it I recommend you to watch it.

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