In my current situation, being pregnant and all, they don't recommend drinking alcohol and partying all I had to improvise on my recent vacation.

While everyone else was slammin' back martinis and flirting with boys, I was indulging in a much sweeter

Every time I'm on vacation, like most people, I can't wait to try new restaurants and expand my palate a bit. I really took advantage of it this time around because, well, I can. We tried several new places to eat and I came across one thing in particular that's really going to get me in trouble.


Holy cow. I had never tried a bundt cake before, let alone one from Nothing Bundt Cakes. They're SOOOOOOOOOOO good. Yes, all the "O's" were necessary there. My aunt snagged one for my mom for her birthday...and I ate three pieces within the first few hours of being there.

The cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes are delicious. My first experience was with the lemon flavor, and I have ZERO complaints. I don't even like lemon, but this cake was to die for. They have all kinds of flavors, and best believe we stopped by the store again to try them all. Red velvet, white chocolate raspberry, turtle, chocolate peppermint, double chocolate catch my drift.

Unfortunately, we don't have a location in Evansville, but best believe I researched how far I have to travel to get one close. Turns out, there's one in Indy and one in Louisville. I might just have to make a trip one weekend and get a few to hold me over.

It's going to be the forbidden craving. I can sense it now. Who's down for a road trip?

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