Ah, motherhood. Just when I thought the newborn phase was the toughest, the toddler phase came around. The two biggest challenges during the 1-2 year old phase are what I refer to as the two M's: mobile and moodswings. Now my child is walking -- no, running -- everywhere, all the time, and doesn't seem to ever (ever) run out of energy. Oh, and the moodswings are unmatched to any PMS episode you've ever experienced. Happy one minute, hysterical the next.

So, to better prepare all new and expecting mothers for the impending doom of raising a toddler, I've pieced together the 10 Commandments of Raising a Toddler. Enjoy.

1. Thou shall never bathe unless accompanied by every soap bottle in the tub.

2. Thou shall never pee (or poo) unless accompanied by toddler.

3. Thou shall become very skilled in fishing.


4. Thou shall never sleep. Ever again.

5. Thou shall not own a single item of white clothing.

6. Thou shall pick up the same toys over and over again for the rest of eternity.

7. Thou shall purchase approximately 700 sippy cups before finding the "right one".

8. Thou shall never, ever be able to find the matching sock.

9. Thou shall learn how to become double-jointed for easier snack-giving and pacifier-finding whilst driving.

10. Thou shall commit to doing at least one load of laundry per day.


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