This needs to stop!

Concert Crowd

Last week, I got to see Taking Back Sunday along with Coheed and Cambria down in Nashville. These are two of my favorite bands so to see them together was a big deal. I had to deal with the typical adjustments of being a 31 year old in the pit area aka dealing with people younger and more hopeful about their lives slamming into me.

The baby humans weren't the issue, though. My issue was with boyfriends/husbands trying to use their girlfriends/wives as a way to push through to the front. This happens at almost every concert I attend.

This time it happened two songs into Coheed's (the headliner) set. I spent the entirety of the concert about 3 people back from the stage and even stood on a sewer grate that was not pleasant to smell so I could have a good view. I stood there for almost 4 hours. Suddenly, some drunk guy starts trying to force through with his girlfriend. When myself and other people who had also been there tell him to stop, his excuse was "This is my wife. I'm with her."

I had no idea there was an express lane to the front for people who are hitched. I get the mindset: We are all supposed to be polite because a girl wants to get to the front. We should all be gentleman and let them through. That's fine. Had it been two girls just wanting to see better, nobody would have had an issue. The issue was this guy just wanted to get closer - and didn't want to put in the actual work of arriving early - by using his wife as a battering ram to the front.

That's not OK. You shouldn't use someone like that. Maybe she was OK with it, I don't know their story, although I do know they were very drunk for a Wednesday. What I'm saying is this: if you use your wife or girlfriend as a way to force your way to the front of a pit, you're garbage. A lot of times, the girls don't even want to be that close and they are actually just being used to push through. That's a great way to end up getting hurt. I've seen that happen way too many times.

If you and your significant other want to be close, just get there early like everyone else and enjoy the concert from the front with everyone else.

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