EPD Officers Help Local Woman by Shoveling Snow from Driveway
Our EPD has been known to give out free hugs, share a cup of coffee at Donut Bank and go above and beyond to connect with the Evansville community on a positive level. This morning, one citizen posted this to Facebook about the Evansville Police Department. It's always great to see us working t…
Here are 5 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids on Your Snow Day!
Since it's a snow day, kids can only last outside for so long. They'll need indoor entertainment! I came across a list of fun, creative indoor games.
Below are my top five picks. Click on the games to learn more about them. Explore a little and see what other fun ideas are there
Winter Storm Warning
I do not have good news for everyone. This downpour of rain is going to turn into freezing rain, sleet and eventually snow - meaning a nice, slick layer of ice under the heaps of snow on the roads. I... can't... wait... (said no tri-stater, ever). See what the National Weather Service has to sa…
See the Tri-State’s Snow Pics
Well, it's freezing cold out and the snow won't be letting up anytime soon - here's the tri-state's snow pics! Want to feature your kids playing in the snow, snowmen, photography and show others how much snow you are getting? Email your pics along with your name HERE...
Snow Predicted for Wednesday Night
This past fall, we checked out the Farmer's Almanac and braced ourselves for a very blustery, frigid, snowy winter. So far, we've really only seen one good snow but that might change this week.

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