Last night was certainly interesting, wasn't it?  We knew there was a random chance of late April snow showers, but Mother Nature really served them up.  I looked outside around 9:30pm and couldn't believe my eyes.  We weren't experiencing random snow flurries falling.  No, it was SNOWING!

It was absolutely nuts.  And historic, by the way.  Until yesterday, the latest snow on record (in our modern records) was April 18th, 1983.  Well, we certainly beat that by a couple of days.

Also, fun fact for you.  There are newspaper reports that suggest that way back on April 24 and 25th of 1910, Evansville experienced a significant, measurable snowfall.  We had 3.5 inches back then.

I will say, as weird as last night's snow was, it was actually pretty.  Here are some great photos from folks who ran outside to document the snow and, well, history.  One of them even built a snowman!

Cool Photos from the April 20th, 2021 Snow Showers in the Tristate

According to modern records, the previous record for the latest snow on record here in the tristate was April 18th, 1983. Well, guess what? Last night, we beat that record by two days with snow showers. Here are some cool, fun pics from the historic weather event.

So, here's some interesting news.  Our late bout of cold will continue for the next day.  The Freeze Warning in effect for much of the tristate will expire this morning, there's an additional chance of frost Thursday morning.  Then, a major warm up begins.  According to Wayne Hart's 7-Day Eyewitness News forecast, by this time next week, we're going to be in the 80s.  After last night's madness, I say, "Bring it on!"


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