Christmas is right around the corner - literally, it is only a few more days away and while you are likely making all of your last-minute preparations with gift wrapping, final gift purchases, and picking up the fixings for your world-famous holiday pie, you may have not stopped to consider what the weather might look like when the big man in red lands on your roof.

Traditionally, across the midwest, including here in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky, Christmas means colder temperatures and often, at the very least, a flurry or two to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Like the entire rest of the year, however, December 2021 is anything but traditional or ordinary. We have had an influx of oddly warm temperatures for this time of year across the Tri-state area, including less than two weeks ago when the mercury rose to nearly 70 degrees before being hit with a cold front, ushering in massive and dangerous storms across parts of Kentucky, resulting in utter devastation.

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As we creep closer and closer to Christmas, it has us all wondering what we can expect. Will we be lighting the Yule log for warmth or just for ambiance? According to the National Weather Service, it could be a combination of both.

As we head into Christmas Eve on Friday and Christmas Day on Saturday, the highs are going to creep up to the mid-to-upper 60s, with the lows expected to dip into the 40s or even high-30s, but staying above freezing. Despite the anticipation of precipitation on Friday and then again on Sunday, it doesn't look like the temperatures are going to drop low enough to be conducive to a white Christmas, at least not for those of us in the Tri-state.

[Source: National Weather Service/Paducah, KY via Facebook]


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