If you are like me, you often find yourself wondering why exactly you live in a place where it hurts your face to go outside in the months of December, January, and February (and sometimes March!)

Southern Indiana Will Give You All Four Seasons in a Week

I have never really been much of one for cold weather, yet here I am, living it up in the heart of the great midwest. Here in Southern Indiana, we can experience all four seasons in a single week. Sixty-degree temperatures one day can plummet in as little as 48 hours, leaving us with ice and snow.

At times it can be pretty miserable, especially when the wind chill dips down low and the sky stays gray for days at a time. So what is a midwesterner to do to keep their spirits high during a midwest arctic tundra?

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How Do You Keep Your Spirits Up When Winter Brings You Down?

I'm so glad you asked. Let me introduce you to... snow ducks! These are not cute little feathered foul waddling in the Indiana snowdrifts. Those ducks are smart enough to head south for the winter but snow ducks. Those are an entirely different animal altogether. Let me explain.

snow ducks
Ben McGill

In Walks the New Guy Talking About His Snow Ducks

Last week and was sitting in the studio, minding my own business when the new guy, we'll call him Ben... No, really - his name is Ben. Super cool dude... but anyway, Ben starts telling me about his snow ducks. He claimed he could make a duck out of nothing but the powdery snow sitting on the ground outside.

Is He Delusional or Just Regular Crazy?

I called his bluff, claiming that he must surely be delusional but it turns out I was the one with (duck) egg on her face when he produced photographic evidence of the icy bird made of frozen precipitation.

snow ducks
Ben McGill

Best to Let Him Explain

Shocked, I asked Ben to explain this wizardry. I would try to decipher, but it may be best to just let Ben explain in his own words.

...here’s some tricks of the trade from an experienced snow duck craftsman (me).


-Simply find some powdery snow, and scoop up enough to fill the hollow mold, but the softer the snow the better!

-After it’s full, clasp the mold between both hands and apply light pressure for at least 10 seconds. Sounds like too much work, but without it the snow will stick to both sides, and upon opening the handles you’ll find two halves of a whole duck, separated from one another. Kind of unsettling.

-Make sure to open the mold in the same place you want the duck to go. Depending on how well the snow packs, the easier it’ll be to move it, but in Indiana we rarely get quality enough pow-pow, or gnar, for them to be regularly moved and picked up. They’re rather fragile, like a real duckling.

-Make as many as you want, and document the results! I hope this isn’t news, but the snow will sadly melt as soon as the midwestern climate unexpectedly shifts again, so put forward your best effort to not get attached.

snow duck
Ben McGill

How Do You Get Your Own Snow Duck Maker?

So now that you know the tips and tricks, I know that you are asking yourself where you can find your own snow duck maker. Surely, you don't want to be caught duck-maker-less for our next snow! You can use the link below to pick up a set from Amazon.

*As Amazon Affiliates we earn on qualifying purchases.*

Once you've acquired your duck maker, you will be all set the next time the white powdery stuff starts to fall from the sky like tiny little glistening nope twinkles. Can you tell I am not a big fan of snow? But seriously, check out the duck makers because, honestly, I think they are pretty cool. Just don't tell Ben I said so.

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