Most of you are familiar with my monthly-ish segments on what it's like to be a parent, but if you're not here's a brief run-down. I have two sons - one is six and the other is three. Each month we encounter new struggles just as most parents and kids do. However, I document mine for two reasons: 1) For entertainment value and 2) To let you know that you aren't alone in this sometimes crazy parent world. So, that's the description of my mom struggle blogs in a nutshell.

This month (week, day) we have a few struggles that almost all moms go through - Legos, field trips, and proper potty use. *heavy sighs*

Yes, toilet etiquette, my favorite part of being a parent (not). This month has been a disaster at teaching my kid how to wipe, specifically. I've tried and tried and he seems to get it - by 'get it' I mean get poo all over himself, the toilet, and everywhere else while attempting to clean his bottom. This morning was one of the worst, with me finding him very carefully wiping his bottom. For a split second, I was proud - until I realize d that poo was smeared down both of his legs, his bottom, the toilet seat, and the base of the toilet with gobs of toilet paper stuffed inside the potty, clogging it up. Needless to say, he got a hosing down in the shower with extra soap instead of just a good wiping. Kids, man.

Aside from attempting to teach my three-year-old how to keep a clean bottom, things have gone relatively smoothly lately in my little parenting world until he encountered his first school field trip. He refused to go unless I went also, which is understandable and I was happy to accompany him. In short, we went to see a children's play and he was not having any part of it. Between trying to keep him from crying because he was afraid of the dark to then hearing him ask, "Is it over?" every five minutes on the dot for over an hour, it wasn't the worst experience I've ever had. As we were leaving the play, I noticed that the toe of my boot felt funny. My nerves were frayed and just as I thought I'd lose my mind this little cherub face looked up at me and said, "Momma, I really loved the play." I couldn't help but laugh. Although our kids stress us, they also make us laugh.

Ever since going to the play earlier in the week, each time when I'd put my boots on I'd think they didn't feel quite right. About these boots, they are genuine leather cowboy boots complete with paint stains and wear marks, but they've lasted me for five years through almost everyday use. These babies are getting ugly, but they're comfortable and dependable and I can't get enough. Anyway, while wearing my trusty boots Friday I notice they feel strangely again. At first, I think the soles are finally giving way (nope, thank goodness!) but realize that's not it. All week my right boot just didn't fit right in the toe. Sometimes I'd notice, but it was always at a time I was busy and couldn't take off my shoe. When I finally removed my boot at the end of the night Friday I gave it a good upside down shake and one tiny little brown thing fell out - it was a singular, small, pointy Lego piece. Again, all I could do was chuckle.

Even though I continue to find Legos strewn about on the floor, in the car, inside of cupholders, and even in the house vents (thanks, kids), and my kid still can't wipe his rear without painting a poop Picasso all over the bathroom, I still find that the stressful mom struggles that we all endure always have a silver lining.

PS: If you've ever stepped on a Lego you'd know that you REALLY love your kids if you allow them to continue to keep those evil little foot breaking plastic pieces.

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