Since this is a relatively long list let's jump right into it and see why these accounts are my best Instagram followers!

Azzip Pizza (@azzip_pizza)
Azzip Pizza is one of my favorite followers because they are one of my favorite restaurants and they usually comment back if you comment directly to them. Aside from their awesome pizza, Azzip's social media game is on fleek. Yes, I said on fleek. How else can I describe Azzip?!

Kana Brown (@according2kana, @thebeautyroomevv) I do have the privilege of knowing this lady personally, and I must say she's one of the most inspiring individuals in the city. Kana's Instagram accounts are the picture of perfection through wellness, wisdom, skin care, and fun. Kana's laid back personality and drive for creative expression make for a pretty cool Instagram experience. I also enjoy Kana's posts because she tackles real world issues while maintaining a wicked awesome boss babe attitude. Kana's Instagram is a must follow!

From my #girlgang to yours ♡♡ Happy #internationalwomensday

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E is For Everyone (@eisforeveryoneevv)
The new Evansville slogan is "E is For Everyone." While some may think it's tacky I find it rather fitting. It's inclusive and inspiring. It's also not just a slogan, but an initiative. I love the quotes from the E is For Everyone account and the inspiration they're putting out there each and every day for all of the residents of Evansville.

Dacia (@daciasview) I do not personally know Dacia, but her photos tend to be very inspirational and radiating truth, elegance, and real life. She's a make-up artist in the Evansville area and I enjoy her posts. The visuals on her Instagram are fantastic (as are her mad makeup skills). I'm always down to follow a lady boss on social media!

"Never change for anyone, unless your best friend tells you you're dressed like a Kardashian." - @purewow⠀ ⠀ Saw this quote today & had to laugh because coincidentally this thrifting Thursday I actually am wearing a top from the Kendall & Kylie Collection. No worries, doubt very much anyone will mistake this pale skin purple haired girl for a Kardashian, maybe the butt though!! #babygotback 😂😂😂 ⠀ Outfit details:⠀ Top: #kendallandkyliecollection thrifted from @platosclosetevansville⠀ Skirt: #rue21⠀ Shoes: #vans Headband: #hottopic Necklace: #dillards ⠀ ⠀ #daciasview⠀ ⠀ #kardashian #qotd #picoftheday #fblogger #midwest #indiana #frenchlickresort #daretobedifferent #purplehair #whatsshewearing #ootd #wiwt #wiw #paleskin #tbt #thrifting #thriftingthursday #communityovercompetition

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Don't Quit Your Daydream (@dqydpodcast)
Don't Quit Your Daydream is a local podcast that highlights a variety of topics and local public figures. Their Instagram bio sums it up quite nicely:

A new weekly podcast interviewing people about their hobbies, careers and passions.

I love their Instagram because it highlights local individuals and covers local content with a witty, humorous edge while remaining relevant. Love this Insta account!

Young and Established (@youngandestablished) Young and Established is a local nonprofit organization that helps to inspire and guide impressionable young people in the Evansville community. Their website paints a vivid picture of the inspiration they provide young people in the community:

Our mission is to inspire and motivate youth while addressing the challenges young people face every day. Through our mentoring programs, community events, and relevant campaigns, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of today's youth.

I find that the work they do in this community is invaluable and their Instagram reflects their dedication to their mission of motivating the city's youth. I find it truly inspiring.

It's great to see @mayorwinnecke and Chief Bolin come out to support our 4th Annual Evansville Dust Bowl! #YoungandEstablished

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Foodies of Evansville (@foodiesofevansville)
I have no idea who runs this account and frankly, I don't care because it's all about the food. This Instagram highlights dishes from local Evansville restaurants and makes me fatter with each view. Seriously though, if you love food you have to follow this account.

Mystic Hand Press (@mystichandpress) Mystic Hand Press is an awesome local business I follow on Instagram specializing in print design. The photos of some of the work that they do are unreal! I love creativity and artists of all kinds and I find Mystic Hand Press to be truly unique in a world full of conformity.

Project Reveal (@project_reveal)

Project Reveal is a sincerely unique project in the Evansville area. Project Reveal is a non-profit organization spearheaded by Stacey Godbold in which the mission is to " inspire and support women by creating awareness about life issues and encourage honesty and authenticity to help them celebrate love and respect themselves and be the best women for herself, family and community." Project Reveal's Instagram spotlights a lot of women's issues and promotes the embracing of all women.

Monte Skelton (@monteskelton) Monte Skelton is a highly respected local musician who brings people all around the Tri-State joy through his musical prowess. I find Monte's Instagram to be so motivational and fun. If he's not out there playing an array of instruments to entertain the masses, he's giving music lessons to Evansville's youth. Monte's Instagram is everything you want to see if you just want to have a nice, musical day!

Love IT! EVV (@loveitevv)
I love the Love IT! EVV Instagram because they really know how to make all women feel amazing. This local Instagram is one of my all-time favorites because they feature different 'Boss Babes' in the Tri-State regularly where successful women from the area highlight their days and what they consider a 'Boss Babe' to be. Truly a great Instagram for empowering women and I just adore them and all of the phenomenally talented contributors to the Love IT! EVV magazine!

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