If you want to win tickets to the Old Courthouse Catacombs, you gotta prove you're in the Halloween spirit!

All week long Middays with Maddie, I have the opportunity for you to win Old Courthouse Catacombs tickets. It's as easy as sending me a text message, which you can do right through your KISS106 app.

Here's how to play:
- Take a picture of you/your family's Halloween jack-o-lanterns
- Submit the photo through AppChat on the KISS106 app (the icon is in the middle of the home screen).

Literally that's it! Whoever has the most impressive, spooky, or cutest pumpkin will win. There's plenty of tickets to go around, so keep the photos comin'. A new winner will be chosen every day.

You don't have to listen for a cue to submit. You can submit photos anytime through the KISS106 app.

Now show me your pumpkins!


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